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Table 6 Get On Up Conversation

During a group exercise, delegates from the voluntary sector got the opportunity to speak to the public/statutory sector about their ideas for improving how organisations consult, engage and involve.

The key point to come out of the conversation was that the voluntary sector would benefit from having short-term, tangible targets.  Shuguftah talked about quick wins – how can you clear my rubbish up from my street next week?  And give incentives!

the conversation

The Dragonless Den part 1
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The morning session featured some fantastic keynote speakers:

PC Lisa Crouch, City Division Diversity Officer (Emerging Communities), spoke about existing support for new and emerging communities in Nottingham provided by the police.

PC Lisa Crouch

Nigel Cooke, of One Nottingham, spoke about his organisation’s involvement with voluntary and BAME organisations.

Films by BAME organisations showcased

A number of organisations created some wonderful films about what they do.  During the first part of the conference, two films were showcased, made by Heri Kwetu and the Muslim Women’s Organisation.

Morning session kicks off

Conference delegates

Lisa Robinson of Bright Ideas welcomed the vast group and introduced Mel Lenehan to the Workers’ Educational Association (WEA) to speak about the organisation’s involvement in the conference.

The WEA is over a century old, established in 1903.  It’s one of England’s largest charities and focuses on delivering adult  and social purpose education.

She spoke about the various projects

Mel Lenehan talks about the WEA's involvement in Get On Up

It’s starting!

The event officially starts at 9:30 am.  People are filing in!

This site will go live on the 25th March
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Hello world!  This site will be operating live on the 25th March, the day of the Get On Up conference.  Please come back to us to keep updated.

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